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Jordan Imhoff Photography | Logo Design

It’s no secret that I think fondly of Jordan and Meg Imhoff, fine art wedding photographers from the Chicago area. You don’t have to take my word for it, once you see their photos or meet the couple in person, you’ll be convinced. Jordan and Meg capture special moments with stunning photography. Their photos are beautiful and tell the stories of couples and families. Their clients often talk about how the Imhoffs will feel like old friends by the time your shoot is over. I was ecstatic that they asked me to craft a new logo for Jordan Imhoff Photography.

Jordan and Meg wanted a calligraphy logo with an airy watercolor wash. All elements of this logo are handmade–I wrote the words and created the flourish in calligraphy. I also hand painted the grey watercolor wash. I scanned in all of these elements and created a vectorized version of the logo, so it can be printed on anything! Jordan and Meg’s old logo was circular, which made it hard to use on their website, documents and heirloom sets. This new horizontal logo works a lot better on their site and matches the light, dreamy feel of their portfolio.

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