Istoria Logo

Istoria Logo

I had the pleasure of designing the logo for my friend Jared’s new digital agency, Istoria. I can totally get on board with Istoria. They build brands for businesses (hello alliteration) by telling stories. As a consumer, I am always looking to buy things from companies and stores that have a story. I like to know who I am buying from and what they are about. When I can identify with a piece of the story, I’m instantly hooked. I think that’s how a lot of minds work, which is why Istoria focuses on transparency and authenticity when branding.

We all know that the best way to hear is story is around a fire, which is why you’ll find a neat little campfire logo on the top left of Istoria’s website.

Istoria’s services are off the chain and they are a delight to work with. Great people, great story tellers. Check em out.

Stationary and business card designs are in the works and will be posted soon!

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