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757 Collective | Logo Design

One of the best ways to discover Southeastern Virginia is to see it from a local’s eyes. The 757 Collective Instagram account does just that. 757 Collective features photos, businesses and creatives from the 757 area code to highlight restaurants, entertainment venues, local businesses and the natural beauty of Southeastern Virginia.  It’s a neat account with beautiful photography credited to the talented people of Instagram. Instagrammers and business owners use the hashtag #757Collective and #757localbiz for a chance to be featured on the account.

I partnered with 757 Collective to create the logo for the account. Since the account revolves around the 757 area code, I laid out the text to look like a phone number. Since the logo would be used in a few different ways with different visual demands, I created a horizontal and vertical logo–one for Instagram and one for 757Collective.com.

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