Calligraphy Halloween Exchange

Lyrica online no prescription My favorite time of year has started, even though it certainly didn’t feel like it when I mailed these calligraphy letters out in EIGHTY DEGREE WEATHER in mid-October…

where can i buy prednisone Halloween Calligraphy Spencerian | Allocco Design and Crafts

buy Gabapentin 300mg capsules Regardless of the temperature, the humidity is slowly crawling away, the leaves are turning orange, pumpkins are popping up left and right. Before we know it, we’ll have snow on the ground (well, probably not my ground because this is Norfolk, after all) and I will be one happy Christen.

Fall and winter are by far my favorite seasons, not just because of the chill in the air or the snow on the ground. The end of the year is chock full of tradition and ripe with crafting and design opportunities. Fall and winter are my prime creative months–I’ll be carving pumpkins, making wreaths, stringing cotton balls to look like snow, designing Christmas cards, and working on commissioned gifts like it’s my job (and partially because it is, in fact, my job).

naprosyn ec 375 mg gastro-resistant tablets Werewolf Halloween Calligraphy Card | Allocco Design and Crafts

To kick off the fall season, I crafted up some snail mail for one of my favorite calligraphy exchanges of the year– the Flourish Forum Day of the Dead Exchange. Last year I took the theme quite literally and designed my cards and envelopes to reflect the Mexican celebration of Dia de los Muertos, or, Day of the Dead.

This year I went in a… different direction. Where are my 30 Rock fans at? Remember the episode (Season 2, Episode 2) where Tracy wins an award for his music video “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah?” For whatever reason, the “spooky, scary!” part of this song is the first thing I thought of for this exchange. So I listened to the full song and made my mind up–I would send my calligraphy friends invitations to a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

Halloween Werewolf Calligraphy | Allocco Design and Crafts

Halloween Werewolf Calligraphy Invitations | Allocco Design and Crafts

I’ve really been trying to practice my Spencerian calligraphy, so I wanted the main text to be in that style. But how can you do a Halloween card without using some Blackletter (and a blackletter Z at that!)? I used black Moon Palace ink for the text and added some spiderwebs and flourishes using Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof white ink. My favorite part of these is probably the scores I made using the X-acto knife to make it look like a werewolf clawed through the paper. The orange paper probably sits about 1/8 inch above the black paper so you can really see the cuts.

I also think it is worth mentioning that I was watching Maid in Manhattan while I made the claw marks. Netflix has their rom-com and chick flick game on right now.

Halloween Calligraphy Invitations X Acto Knife | Allocco Design and Crafts

I kept my envelopes pretty simple this year because I think the Spencerian calligraphy makes a statement on its own. I did however, use my new copper Pearl Ex for the addresses with white flourishing. In hindsight, I would have used the white as the main color because it really pops on the black, but hey, you live and learn. The copper on black gives it a spooky feel which I totally dig. Oh, and the pumpkin graphics on the envelopes are just there to protect the innocent/me. Ain’t nobody got time for stalkers! Especially with all the clowns out there…

Halloween Calligraphy Spencerian Envelopes | Allocco Design and Crafts

Halloween Calligraphy Spencerian Envelopes | Allocco Design and Crafts

Can we talk for a second about how cute these jack-o-lantern stamps are? I love them! Also, this is probably the first exchange where the international stamp actually fits the theme. A full moon–how appropriate for a Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.

To finish these off, I slapped on these festive Halloween stickers from Paper Source (aka, the place to which my money flocks).

Halloween Calligraphy Invitations | Allocco Design and Crafts

Return Address Calligraphy | Allocco Design and Crafts

As always, I mail these out and receive some snail mail in return. Here are some photos of the lovely mail I received from calligraphers across the globe.

Happy Halloween Calligraphy | Allocco Design and Crafts

Halloween Calligraphy | Allocco Design and Crafts

Happy Halloween Calligraphy | Allocco Design and Crafts

You can see how much work we all put into these exchanges. I just loved the little skeleton closet!

Halloween Flourish Forum Calligraphy Exchange | Allocco Design and Crafts

Honestly, the best part of a calligraphy exchange is that it’s a break from the bills and credit card applications I usually get in the mail.