Call Out The Good In People | Norfolk Calligraphy and Design Calligraphy Opera Rose | Allocco Design and Crafts I’m only at the start of my calligraphy journey, but even looking back at the past few years, I’ve seen God’s hand setting up little pieces of my career, I just didn’t know it. I could go on and on about all the little coincidences or gifts or eureka moments, but I want to share one particular moment that set me up for success and influenced the way I support other people. Someone called out the good in me and I haven’t looked back since. In 2014, I had already been practicing calligraphy as a hobby alongside my full-time big girl job in marketing for a small university. By day I wrote social media posts and produced short marketing videos. By night I dipped my pen in ink, following instructions from a book and Skillshare. That Christmas I received an incredibly generous gift from my boss–a private calligraphy class and 6-weeks of Copperplate calligraphy with Betsy Rivers Kennedy. Betsy is the woman who taught me so much of what I know about calligraphy.

My boss (LA) handed me the gift certificates, and honestly I remember feeling overwhelmed at how generous and thoughtful she was. She said something along the lines of “you have a gift, and I want to help you pursue it.”

She called me out.

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LA was always had a knack for identifying the strengths in others. One of her hiring tactics was to bring on staff that played to her own weaknesses. Her wise leadership led to a solid little marketing team (CAS Creative 4 Lyfe <3). Her ability to recognize strength, even if it had nothing to do with the job, has ultimately changed my path for the better. Her insight and discernment actually altered my career and I didn’t even see it coming.

Who can you call out? Who can you encourage, or provide for to help build their strengths? There’s a stigma I want to shake–supporting another person’s success or strength does not hinder yours. Good leaders and influencers see greatness in others and help nurture those giftings and strengths.

If you believe in someone, if you see the good in them, do what you can to support their success. Let’s work together to create a community that supports one another–not just in theory, but through action and intentionality. Call out the good in people and keep your eyes out for the fruit of your investment.

Here are just a few ways you can can support someone you know has some real talent:

1. Send an encouraging text with specific reasons why you know they can be successful.
2. Gift a Jerry’s Artarama card, Skillshare membership or class.
3. Invest in a business.
4. Mail a card that says “you are talented and I’ve got your back.”
5. Take a friend to coffee or lunch and brainstorm ways to build a particular strength.
6. Use your connections to set your friend up with a mentor in their field.
7. Be a mentor yourself.
8. Share about your friend’s success on your Facebook page or on a #FollowFriday Instagram post.
9. Leave a little package of snacks on your friend’s desk with a note that says “fuel for your creative endeavors.”
10. Create opportunities for growth (if you’re a boss and you see something shining in your staff member, assign a project to nurture that skill).
11. Buy a cook book or spatula for your food blogger friend.
12. Create a space for creativity. “Hey, my office has a studio you can practice your photography in!”

Call someone out on their creativity and passion. We’re all in this together.

To finish this post, I’ll say one last thank you to LA. Thanks for believing in me, teaching me SO much and for leading with wisdom, grace and kindness. #WorldsBestBoss

You can download this iPhone wallpaper below as a reminder to support the people you are calling out!

Calligraphy Opera Rose iPhone Wallpaper | Allocco Design and Crafts